About Us

About Matt

I am a Registered Acupuncturist practicing out of a clinic in the Comox on Vancouver Island, B.C.  I founded The Wild Ibex my wife, Claire, in 2017 with the intention of giving clients access to high quality, professional nutrition and movement programs.

I began practicing as a Registered Acupuncturist in Victoria, B.C.  I also held a position as a faculty member at Pacific Rim College teaching traditional Chinese diet therapy, nutrition, and ethics to aspiring acupuncturists and holistic nutritionists.  In May 2018, after the arrival of our first son, we relocated to the beautiful Comox Valley to be closer to nature and live in smaller community nestled between the mountains and the sea.

I work out of Inner Strength Acupuncture in the beautiful downtown of Comox, B.C..  I keep two course at Pacific Rim College, which I teach on weekends throughout the year.  For my nutrition services, I practice locally out of Wild and United Athletics (I also teach a monthly nutrition course there and run month long group nutrition programs three times a year!).

The Wild Ibex is the culmination of all my experiences over the last 14 years working in mental health and complementary medicine.  My nutrition programs are simple yet concise, allowing people to shift old habits and adopt new mentalities.  I believe that it is through a combination of mindset, movement, and nutrition that we can reach personal goals and experience a higher level of satisfaction with our lives.


I am a health coach with a special interest in pre- and post-natal nutrition. Working with clients before they start their journey into parenthood can increase fertility, improve the health of the mother and babe, and speed postpartum recovery.

My road to this career was enriched with many life experiences and opportunities. For more than 5 years I worked in urban and environmental planning, focusing on multiple aspects of human health and wellbeing.  Both my undergraduate and master's degrees focused on environmental science with a specific interest in sustainable practices that help create vibrant communities.


I also worked as an outdoor adventure camp coordinator for kids in Bogota, Colombia, and as an English tutor for children with dyslexia in Sydney, Australia. Both of these jobs allowed me to work in a social and interactive environment. Working with kids was very meaningful and impactful work that I felt contributed significantly to those communities.


I chose to transition into the health sciences to work one on one with individuals and share my passion for health in a meaningful way. As a registered health coach, nutrition consultant, and outdoor enthusiast, I want to help people achieve their health goals.