Our mission

Movement.  It is what inspired me to pursue the field of integrative medicine.  It is what keeps our bodies limber, our energy full, and our minds young.  It is the core philosophy of Gravity Nutrition, and the base of everything we offer.

Movement exists in all aspects of our life.  Whether it is from a gentle inhalation, a beat of our heart, or a hand extended out in greeting, it is the essence of life.  The creation of movement extends the life of our physical bodies and promotes the growth of our mind.  Without movement, we have nothing.  With movement, we have everything.

We offer movement medicine in many of its forms.  Acupuncture promotes movement within the body and mind.  Nutrition allows for the nourishment of the body and mind so that movement can come with ease.  Natural movement courses advance on the foundation given by nutrition and acupuncture so that movement can be controlled and mastered. 


Work with us to bring nutrition and movement back into your life!