Our Services

one on one

These can be done on line or in person if you live in the Comox Valley!  One on one consultations are highly individualized to you: your nutrition, your movement, and your goals.  These sessions can be tailored to meet most requests, whether you want to climb Mount Rainier, touch your toes, or heal your gut.


This service is limited to 5 people per month with a minimum 3 month commitment.  Contact Matt at wildibexhealth@gmail.com to confirm availability or to ask questions.


2 hour initial meeting

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Personalized Movement Plan

Sleep Assessment

Supplement Review and Recommendations

Weekly Recipes

Daily Email Support

For locals:

Shopping trip to preferred grocery store

Cupboard clean out (in home)

$500/month; minimum 3 month commitment

10% discount on 1 year + commitments